What types of cookies do we store and why?

Functional Cookies: These cookies are required for the basic functionality of the page and are therefore installed when you visit our web pages. These cookies store your preferences as you use our web pages. They are also used to distribute the load across our servers, which helps keep the page available, and for security purposes.

Analytical Cookies: Cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use urbanhotel.pt web pages, including information about the most visited pages and the number of error messages displayed. These cookies help urbanhotel.pt improve its web pages.

Marketing Cookies: These cookies are typically installed on hotelbooking.pt web pages by marketing partners, advertising networks and social networking platforms. These third parties act as intermediaries to bring our content to you, such as messages, offers, social networks and advertisements. These third parties also collect data through our websites using cookies. Processing of this data is subject to its privacy policies. These cookies are used to:

  • ♦ connect to social networks to connect and share content from our web pages via social networks;
  • ♦ collect information that helps tailor marketing to your interests, inside and outside our web pages;
  • ♦ limit the number of times our ads appear;
  • ♦ reach out to our visitors by providing them with relevant and personalized content through a variety of media, such as email, social networks and banner ads, based on their actions on our web pages;
  • ♦ measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.

Control the cookies we store and access.

If you wish to revoke your consent, you can adjust your browser settings to delete our cookies or those of third parties. You can also adjust your browser settings to prevent web pages from setting cookies or third party cookies. If you do not allow certain cookies to be installed, some features may not be available or parts of the webpage may not load. Find out how to adjust the settings of different browsers:

Additional Clarifications.

If you have questions regarding the use of your information, please contact us at customer support by phone or at admin@urbanhotel.pt.